NRI’s for Amaravati


One State - One Capital

Vision & Mission



The vision is to help the poor farmers of Amaravati region of Andhra Pradesh, India in general, who are fighting for Amaravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh, with the motto ONE STATE – ONE CAPITAL


The main objectives for pursuance of which, the Corporation is established are as under :

  • To provide support for their welfare and up-lifting of poor people.
  • To provide legal support for their causes.
  • To provide tools for women empowerment.
  • To provide Health care and preventive awareness programs for the farmers and their families
  • To provide support for education of children of poor farmers.
  • To provide skills, education and tools for the youth to get jobs locally.
  • To support and promote the local culture.

NRI’s for Amaravati - Gallery

  • Sterling, VA

  • Enola, PA

  • Edison, NJ

  • BArrington, IL

  • Parsippany, NJ

  • Aldie, VA

  • Long Island, NY

  • Dallas, TX

  • Arcadia, CA